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Start Here

Now let's get started

To customize a text stamp that perfectly suits your requirements, kindly share your details and preferences in our Wizard Tool. Our Stamp Design Wizard will assist you in selecting the ideal stamp, sorting by Best quality impression first

How to create your Stamp using the Wizard Tool


Just begin by entering your text line by line, and the size box will automatically adjust to the amount of text and font size you use. You can add a line or remove a line by clicking on "Add Line" or "Remove Line"

The available stamp mounts will show at the right side and will change according to the width and height of your text. You can select one of the stamp choices displayed sorting by Best Impression first.The selected stamp will show with a red border.  Add to cart once selected

The majority of our customization offers the ability for you to upload your created black & white artwork. Within the Stamp Design Wizard, you’ll note we have two easy-to-click tabs: Line Options & Add Artwork of Clipart.



Text stamps can be categorized into two types:


1. Self-inking:
These stamps come equipped with an integrated ink pad, making them simple to use. Just push the stamp down, and you'll get a perfect impression. We offer Shiny self-inking stamps, renowned for their innovation, quality, and commitment to the environment.


2. Traditional:
Featuring a vintage appearance and easy-to-grip handle, our traditional rubber stamps can be used with a variety of ink types to suit your specific requirements. Since traditional stamps require a separate ink pad, you can explore our wide range of inks and pads on our designated page.